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What Our Patients Say

At Northwest Surgery Center our patients are our biggest advocates.  We’re proud to say that 40% of our new patients come from referrals by former patients. Each referral is a welcomed compliment to our team and the care we provide.

At Northwest Surgery Center, our goal is to create great experiences for our patients. From consultation to post-op visits, we do everything we can to make patients feel welcome, comfortable and informed. Hear what they have to say by clicking on these video testimonials.

After each procedure we ask our patients to complete a brief survey, and we want to share the most recent ones with you. You'll notice almost all the feedback we receive is very positive.  Rest assured we didn't hand pick the best ones, we're sharing all the surveys we have permission to post online. To learn about each patient's experience use the arrows on the left and right to browse through our most recent survey results.

This was such an easy surgery. I am so pleased with my results. I was comfortable the entire time, and I strongly recommend this type of surgery.

Everything was excellent, from the front office to the back. I will definitely be recommending you guys to family, friends and strangers. Thanks for everything.

Completely satisfied! Fantastic experience. I would recommend to everyone.

Keep up the great work! Staff is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Recommend Dr. Weissman to all friends and family!

Everything was wonderful. So much better/easier than I expected. I love my new feet!

It could not possibly be any better! Amazing in every way! All 5 of you did the most remarkable job ever! After having an Austin Bunionectomy 6 years ago, I can say that it was worth flying here 3 times to have a perfect and almost painless surgery and to have met such wonderful people! THANK YOU!

I WALKED out of surgery with NO cast, no rope scares, NO hardware and NO cane, just a small ankle boot. This was amazing! Had the other foot done 3 weeks later! The staff is very friendly and helpful and I missed them after my final appointment! I wouldn't change anything and I will continue to highly recommend Dr. Weissman.